Small Basic Quiz 06 – Input & Math

Welcome to another Small Basic quiz! Leave comments with any questions or requests for hints!

  1. List the two methods you use to get information from the keyboard. What is the difference between these two methods?
  2. A flashing __________ shows that the computer is waiting for the user to type something on the keyboard.
  3. The Read() method does not return until you press the ______ key.
  4. A ______ is a message that is used to tell the user what to input.
  5. Explain the difference between rounding and truncation.
  6. Write a Small Basic statement that returns a random number between 10 and 20, inclusive.
  7. Explain what happens when a statement like this is used in a program:

ans = TextWindow.ReadNumber()

What’s wrong with this program? Fix it and try it out!

TextWindow.Write("What is your name? ")

ans = TextWindow.ReadNumber()

TextWindow.WriteLine("You are very gentle " + ans)



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 Have a Small and Basic day!

  - Ninja Ed


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