Small Basic Turtle Object – 5 Practice Exercises!

Here are five Practice Exercises for the Small Basic Turtle Object!


1. Write a program that draws the pattern below. (Hint: draw one flag and then rotate it 10 times.)

2. First write a program where your turtle draws the house in the left figure below. You can create the pattern in the right figure by rotating this house 12 times. Write a program to create the pattern, and then check your answer.

3. Write a program to draw a flower pot like this one:

4. The next figure (left) shows a code snippet for drawing a circle. Write a program to have the turtle repeat this code 12 times to create the pattern on the right.

5. Recreate the code below and experiment with it. Change the move distance after rotating each circle to discover new patterns!

Ask any questions in the comments below!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (5)

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  2. ali jomaa says:

    The exrcises are not very easy

    1. Ali, for #4, did you enter the code to start with?


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