Small Basic: Why Turtles Love Fancy Patterns

Did you know that turtles love to make fancy patterns? You didn’t know that?


Well, take a look at this one:



And take a look at this one from Zock77:

Import code: FFB727

Screen shot of a program FFB727

And then Pappa Lapub used it as a Turtle Frame:


I think you’ll start to see how much turtles love fancy patterns!


It all started with Tommy Turtle. At that point in time, all turtles had smooth shells. But Tommy couldn't help but feel that everyone looked the same, and they couldn't really express themselves as individuals!

And so Tommy Turtle went to work!

He had Tammy Turtle and Tara Turtle help decorate his shell! They painted it, they carved it with him, and by the time they were done, he finally had color and a design on his shell!

Tommy Turtle looked different. Now, others looked at him and said, "That's Tommy Turtle!" Tommy became famous.

And that made all the other turtles jealous! They came up to Tommy, and they said, "Tommy, why do you get a unique shell? All our shells are boring! We all look the same, except for you. It's just not fair!"

Well, that made Tommy Turtle think. Were they right? Was it not fair that Tommy got to enjoy some independence and personal expression, and they didn't?

But what if they did? Tommy began to wonder about it.

Finally, Tommy decided to help out all the other turtles. Tommy said, "You know what. You're right. It's not fair. So Tammy Turtle, Tara Turtle, and I will help you design your shell and make it so that each of you is unique!"

But Tyler Turtle objected, "Wait! If we're all made different, like you, then we'll all be the same again! The only difference is that we'll have the same patterned shells and not the same smooth shells!"

"Well that's a good point," said Tommy Turtle. "I know! Instead of making all the designs the same, we'll make each design a little different, with different patterns and different colors!"

Well Tommy's idea was well received, and so Tommy, Tammy, and Tara all got to work, helping make unique colors and designs on all the turtles.


And after time passed, all those turtles had future generations of turtles, and all their shells are now patterned, just like those turtles in the past were!

Well, their love for designs grew back then, and ever since then, turtles have loved to create designs! Well, Small Basic is no different! The Small Basic turtles also love designs.

Don't believe me? Well, take a look at this turtle, from litdev:

Turtle.Speed = 10

For i = 1 To 600





Oh, those crazy turtles and their patterns!

You can go here to see what other shenanigans those turtles are up to:

Small Basic Turtle Games & Graphics


Go to to download Small Basic for free and learn all about it!   


Have a great day!

   - Ninja Ed




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