Why Computers Love to Repeat Things

From the beginning of time, mankind has found itself in a unique situation…

People have always had to repeat tasks over and over (and over and over). Whether it was Adam naming millions of animals, Apes attempting to evolve billions of times, or farmers milking cows for hours, every day of their lives, mankind has always had to repeat stuff.


But we're no better off. That laundry will never get done! Your bed will have to be made again, every day, and you'll need to wash that car and mow that lawn... again.


And that’s where computers come in! We’ve been able to get computers to do stuff for us, mankind has been able to relax, kick back, and sip on some lemonade.

Computers repeat stuff all the time. Every time you type into a keyboard, your software takes a look at the key and types in the letter. Over and over. Every time your Mario dies, it triggers the same death animation... over and over (death used to be more permanent). And every time you smack that snooze button on your iPhone's alarm, it starts over the timer and the alarm... over and over!


And that, ladies and gents, is why we are fully convinced that...


Computers Love to Repeat Things!


Have you ever had a dog who was happy to see you when you got home? Your dog rushes up to you, jumps up excitedly and tries to lick your face. Well, that's how a computer feels about the opportunity to repeat a task over and over! Repetition makes computers happy!

Why? Simple: they know how boring it is for you and how natural it is for them. So they love the opportunity to provide a unique value and to make you oh so grateful for their expertise!

So let's all join together in a big circle, hold hands, and thank computers for repeating stuff!


But it doesn't stop there! You can help! That's right, you can help a computer feel better about itself today!

HOW??? ... you might ask. Well, simple, you can help it repeat stuff!


Just follow these simple steps in Small Basic to teach a computer to repeat itself:


Go to http://blogs.msdn.com/SmallBasic to download Small Basic for free and learn all about it!   


Have a good bye!

   - Ninja Ed

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