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Don't know how the turtle craze got started?

Well read this: Small Basic: The History of the Logo Turtle

Then come back here. You back? Good...


Hey, do you know how to use the turtle? No?

Well read these:


Then come back. You back? Good...


If you've improved a turtle game or built a new one, comment to this post with a link to your game!


Now let's look at some of the fun games made with Small Basic! You can use the import code to run the game locally in Small Basic or look at the game online to see how it was coded! These games come from some of our top Small Basic experts, so studying their code is a great way to learn new tricks!


November 2008 - Turtle Shooter from Mcleod

Here's a classic sample from Macleod:


January 2009 - Biac's Happy New Year Turtle

The Turtle says Happy New Year

Original post:


November 2012 - Nonki's Turtle Maze Game

Nonki finished this game on 12/3/12:

What fun! Try to get your turtle to the end before the computer turtle does!

Screen shot of Maze Game 1.3b

* In browser, click maze once before using arrow keys.
* In local, remove comment lines for File objects.

You can check out a previous version here (where you can just watch the computer turtle go):

The creator of this fun program is Nonki Takahashi.


February 2014 - Turtle Patterns by LitDev, Zock 77, Pappa Lapub, & MK Hobby Coder

This first Turtle pattern comes from litdev:

Turtle.Speed = 10

For i = 1 To 600





Next, here's an interesting shape from Zock77:

Import code: FFB727

Screen shot of a program FFB727


As a bit of a joke, Pappa Lapub used it as a Turtle Frame:

And here are Pappa's three shapes:

Turtle PolySpiral   LNZ598  18 Lines , shortened as (too) much as could, but 3 figures, not my idea

TurtlePattern Brillie   JMC583   10 Lines   OK, but not my idea

Circle Series / Flower   QCL151  15 Lines

PS: Turtle.Hide sends Turtle (Image Shape) to Oblivion and it will never be seen in the same program again.  Turtle.Show wont bring it back.
Although not the same; to hide Turtle Shape and then show it up again Shapes.HideShape("_turtle") and Shapes.ShowShape("_turtle") can be used.


And here is some code from MK_hobby_coder:

Changing the number used in the turtle code makes different pictures.  The following code makes a  pictogram for 0-9.  Then the user can make a pictogram to store a numeric code.

program : TLQ846

Turtle.Speed = 10
tutrix = Turtle.X
tutriy = Turtle.Y
For x = 0 To 9
GraphicsWindow.PenColor = GraphicsWindow.GetRandomColor()
Turtle.X = tutrix+(x*100)-300
Turtle.Y = tutriy - 100
GraphicsWindow.FontSize = 20
For i = 1 To 300 Step (x+1)
code = "1=3;2=5;3=6;4=8;5=2;6=2;7=5;8=0"
For x = 1 To Array.GetItemCount(code)
GraphicsWindow.PenColor = GraphicsWindow.GetRandomColor()
Turtle.X = tutrix+(x*100)-300
Turtle.Y = tutriy + 100
GraphicsWindow.FontSize = 20
For i = 1 To 300 Step (code[x]+1)

Here's a tip from LitDev: Small Basic - Clearing Turtle Trails


August 2014 - Nonki's Turtle Dodger

It's time for a different kind of game. Nonki puts his turtle to use in a classic shooter!


Read about how he built it here: Small Basic Game Programming - Vertical Scrolling Game

January 2015 - Turtle Mazes by LitDev, Jibba Jabba, and Nonki Takahashi

By LitDev (Import QLM846)

Turtle Maze by LitDev

By Jibba Jabba (Import NFV721-1)

Turtle Maze by Jibba Jabba

By Nonki Takahashi (Import PNC833-17)

Turtle Maze by Nonki Takahashi

Here Nonki provides you with instructions on how to make your own Turtle Maze:

Small Basic: How to Make a Turtle Maze Game

Go to to download Small Basic for free and learn all about it!   

Enjoy all the turtle madness!

   - Ninja Ed

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