Try out the New Power BI Preview (clap clap) Today!

Read all about it here:


This is available in the US only (for now).


New Features:

  • Power BI Dashboards - Personalize them with cloud and on-prem data
  • Combo Charts
  • Filled Maps
  • Guages
  • Tree Maps (a popular request)
  • Funnel Charts (another popular request)
  • Direct connectivity to Salesforce
  • Direct connectivity to Zendesk
  • Direct connectivity to SendGrid
  • Direct connectivity to Marketo
  • Direct connectivity to GitHub
  • Direct connectivity to Dynamics CRM
  • Direct connectivity to SSAS
  • Connect to your Excel files in OneDrive
  • Power BI Designer - To combine UIs when creating Power BI reports
  • iPad app (a popular request)


The iPhone app and Windows tablet apps are coming.

More direct connections are coming! 

 - Ninja Ed

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  1. I added Dynamics CRM!

  2. Also added: Connect to your Excel files in OneDrive

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