Small Basic for Kids – Ages 10-12

We're featuring a Small Basic book from Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee! Learn more about the book here.


SMALL BASIC FOR KIDS​ In the 1980's, there was a series of books aimed at teaching kids how to use the Basic programming language.  Titles like "Kids and the Apple II", "Kids and the Commodore 64," and  "Kids and the IBM-PC" were sold everywhere. These books sold over 700,000 copies!  With p​ermission and editorial help from the original author, we have adapted these classic books to the Microsoft Small Basic language - a language aimed at encouraging kids to learn programming.

SMALL BASIC FOR KIDS (Table of Contents)  is an illustrated introduction to computer programming that provides an interactive, self-paced tutorial to the new Small Basic programming environment.  The book (using many of the original cartoon drawings) consists of 30 short lessons that explain how to create and run a Small Basic program. Students learn about program design and many elements of the Small Basic language. Numerous examples are used to demonstrate every step in the building process. The tutorial also includes two complete games for students to build and try - a text-based Hangman game and a simple video game (Sample Screen Shots). SMALL BASIC FOR KIDS should be understandable to kids aged 10 to 12 and is suitable for both home and classroom use.  Notes for both the instructor ( or parent) and the students are provided.  Assignments are given to test student knowledge.  No programming experience is necessary, but familiarity with doing common tasks using Windows is expected.

Learn more about the book here. So far, this book is the youngest book for Small Basic yet (going down to age 10)! 

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