Curah! A new content curation platform launched by Microsoft

Take the guesswork out of the process and just get to the good stuff! Find and share annotated collections of great technical content all in one place. Give Curah! a try here:

Curah!, the new content curation platform launched by Microsoft eight months ago, is making a real difference for the customers who are using it – and for the creative people who have already published thousands of high-quality curations on technical topics.

Curah! is fully optimized for the community, and anyone with a Microsoft Account ID can become a curator. The steps for creating a new curation are fast and easy, and it is a great way not only to collect the best content on the web about some specific topic, but it also provides a platform for curators to share their expertise, tips, and insights about the topic and content assets that they curate.  


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Make a difference with Curah!


Curah! is a fun tool to use to curate your favorite lists of TechNet Wiki articles (or any set of content links)! Enjoy!

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  1. Ajay Kumar says:

    This is nice. I just created mine at :

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