A Dot Notation Nation

Dot notation is the description of a specific format (or syntax) in programming:



This syntax is known as dot notation because of the dot between the object and the method.

The object is the category or tool in the programming library. And then the method is the task or action that you’re asking the object to take.

Here’s an example from Small Basic:

TextWindow.WriteLine(“Hello Oblate Spheroid”)


TextWindow is the object. It’s the tool of displaying text content in a special window type that Small Basic has.

For more on Small Basic, head here:


WriteLine is the method. It’s the action. You want your TextWindow to write a line of text!

Finally, “Hello Oblate Spheroid” is the parameter or argument being passed to the method. In this case, it’s a string that’s being passed to WriteLine, to write on a line in the TextWindow. ("Oblate Spheroid" is a really horrible joke, because the shape of a planet or world is called an "oblate spheroid" - a ball-like sphere that's not perfectly round.) Thus it changes the old, "Hello World" programming example to "Hello Oblate Spheroid" instead. Jokes are funnier when you explain them!

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