Small Basic Quiz 01

This is Day 4 of 30 Days of Small Basic Part 1.


I'll ask you some questions, and you tell me the answers!

The hints are at the bottom!

Let's start with the Awesome Questions:

  1. What are the four tenets of Small Basic?
  2. Give some examples of Small Basic keywords.
  3. What types of applications can you create with Small Basic?
  4. The grammatical rules of a programming language are called _____________.
  5. A  ________ error occurs when a programmer breaks Small Basic's grammatical rules.
  6. Flickr, Dictionary, and Turtle are examples of ______ in the Small Basic library.
  7. What is an integrated development environment (IDE)?
  8. What do the terms "syntax coloring" and "IntelliSense" mean?
  9. Explain two ways you can share your programs with your friends. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?


Great! Now let's get to the hints!

  1. There are four tenets. Tenets are basically the goals of Small Basic that the features try to accomplish. All these goals are squarely aimed at our audience of programming for kids! Now we'll put you on a treasure hunt to get the answer: Go here!
  2. Keywords are the words that Small Basic claims as its own! There are 14/16 of them (16 including the two operators)! Click here to learn more.
  3. This is similar to all programming languages. To answer this, you just need to think of the software you see on your computer, your devices, and even on the Internet! Then maybe think of simplified versions that you could build yourself!
  4. This a very taxing question.
  5. These errors are particularly taxing. Just as taxing as #4.
  6. The library is made up of 20 of these, and each has a method and parameters.
  7. Just because there's a language, doesn't mean you have an IDE! Sometimes an IDE is built to support many languages!
  8. These are very helpful features within Small Basic!
  9. Well, there are many ways to share! One is button on the toolbar. And then the program listing has some code that you can use to share your program in a new way. Finally you can use the Small Basic social channels to chat about your programs to the community, and if they're larger programs, you can upload them to the ________ to share them that way too!


I'll be back to improve the hints! Please leave a comment if you have suggestions for improved hints! Thank you!


Download and learn about Small Basic:


Have a Small and Basic week!

- User Ed


This is Day 4 of 30 Days of Small Basic Part 1.

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