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You can check out the Dynamics CRM community for the Farsi/Persian language here:


As everyone knows, one of the missions of Microsoft TechNet is to disseminate knowledge in all languages. Because there currently is a gap in Farsi-language forums and blogs about Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the CRM community established a site for Persian-speaking users. The community includes a news section that is devoted to the latest news about Microsoft CRM. Furthermore, there are 3 authors who write blog posts regularly about the technical and business aspects of Microsoft CRM. To enrich the content, we talked to CRM MVPs Andrii Butenko and Jason Lattimer to translate and use their blog posts also. Finally, to create a social environment, the forums section was added to answer the Persian users’ questions about Dynamics CRM. All of the services of the community are free, and we are working to gather more authors and contributors in the Farsi/Persian language. Any suggestions or contributions are warmly welcomed!


If you speak Farsi/Persian, and you're interested in Dynamics CRM, then go check it out and see what you think! Plus we'll always keep you updated as we add new forums and blogs to TechNet as well!

And if you speak Farsi, please put all your how-to articles on TechNet Wiki:




Special thanks to (MCC and Dynamics CRM TechNet Moderator) for leading this community! Here is Payman:

Payman Biukaghazadeh's avatar 


Have a great week!

   - Ninja Ed


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  1. Mostafa Yazdanifard says:

    Congratulation! he is best choice in IRAN.

    I has known Payman for 12 years old! he is a very genius and hard-working person. thanks for supporting and promoting his website.


    Mostafa Yazdanifard (Founder of http://autopia.ir)

  2. Congratulation Payman :)! I'm very happy for you and I'm also very proud of you.

  3. You're welcome, Mostafa! I'm glad to see the community building up around the Farsi language!

    I hope we can continue to see content coming from that group to the TechNet Wiki:


  4. Ali gorji says:

    Congratulation Payman……!!

    You'r Best .

  5. Payman is the best! Thanks, Ali!

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