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Welcome to an interview with an MVP! Today's interview is with...

Mustafa KARA - MVP


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

My Name is Mustafa Kara. I am from Adana and I live in Istanbul, Turkey.

My IT story began with my school. I graduated from the computer department of a technical high school. And also my university and master degree was in computer science. I have been working as a professional in the IT sector for 12 years. I am a lucky person who is working in a job that I love.

I have been working for the Bilge Adam IT Company for many years. I am an expert in the following technologies.

  • Windows Server product family

  • System Center Datacenter Management Solutions

  • Windows Azure and Hyper-V

I have led projects, training classes, and consultancy services for these technologies. I have finished 15,000 hours both corporate and enterprise training classes. I have done many projects for both public and enterprise companies. Some of my projects became case studies from Microsoft.

I like very much both reading and writing. Until now, I have written thousands of technical articles and they are published in the biggest IT portals in Turkey. I am still writing for some of these portals and also I am the community lead and editor in these portals. I have presented to thousands of attendees for teaching, and I help popularize IT the most in some of the biggest universities in Turkey.  

For 3 years I have been awarded MVP in the field of System Center Cloud and Datacenter Management. Each month I am posting many articles on my blog.


Mustafa KARA - MVP's avatar


What are your big projects ?

I have done many big projects in Turkey for enterprise companies. You can see a list of my projects on the link below.

Because of project capacity, I also take pride in my work on these projects...

Borusan Holding, System Center 2012 Data Center Project

Coca Cola Turkey SCOM 2012 Advanced Monitoring Project

TEB Bank SCCM 2012 Project which is listed as a Case Study by Microsoft.şarı-Hikayesi.pdf


Where do you contribute? 

I think the best portal in Turkey was I was a writer, editor, and manager for many years in this portal. Because it was the first big IT community in Turkey, it had many qualified trainers.

Because of the trainer, writer, and content quality,  led for many popular IT portals in Turkey now. I have contributing in and on my blog. Mshowto is one of best portals for IT community that has been published to date, with dynamic and correct technical knowledge. I have published nearly 952 articles, videos, webcasts, and other content.


On what articles do you spend most of your time?


What are your top 5 favorite articles?


What would you recommend to people who aspire to be an MVP? 

People who aspire to be MVP should like researching, learning, and publishing. MVP candidate should like information sharing. And also I think candidates should have personal expression skills.


Who are your top 5 favorite MVPs?

Emre Aydın

Baki Onur Okutucu

Serkan Varoğlu

Ahmet Uygur

Ahmet Mutlu


Who are the MVP candidates in Turkey who you recommend?

I have been following Barış Cihan Aydoğmuşoğlu’s articles for many years, Barış has really powerful expression and writing skills. He is writing articles that are very detailed. Onur Yüksektepeli has a deep knowledge in end-user technologies. And Okan Eke is growing very much and getting experienced. These contributors are my recommended MVP candidates for the near future. 




Thank you to Mustafa for this great interview! And thank you to all our Turkish MVPs and future candidates for all your community contributions!

   - Ninja Ed 


Comments (6)

  1. Well done Mustafa!

    Keep up with your precious work

  2. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Mustafa Kara very very good person. I wish continued success.

  3. Mustafa Kara says:

    Thank you very much for the interview ,Thanks Again Ed and Baris 🙂

  4. Okan EKE says:

    Thanks for the compliments Mustafa Kara 🙂

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