Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2014 – Power View for Multidimensional Models

Power View for Multidimensional Models


The ability to create Power View reports against multidimensional models was first introduced in SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update 4. Power View for Multidimensional Models functionality is now included as part of SQL Server 2014.

Power View Report for a Multidimensional Model

Power View Report

This functionality helps organizations maximize existing BI investments by enabling multidimensional models (also known as OLAP cubes) to be used with the latest client reporting tools. Depending on the types of data in the multidimensional model, users can easily create a variety of dynamic visualizations from tables and matrices, to bubble charts and geographical maps. Multidimensional models now also support queries using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX).

Power View for Multidimensional Models requires the built-in Power View reporting capability in SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services (in SharePoint mode). Other versions of Power View, specifically the Power View Add-in in Excel 2013, do not support multidimensional models.

To learn more, see Power View for Multidimensional Models.


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  2. Martin Hatch says:

    What edition of SQL 2014 do I need on my Analysis Services instance to support my Multidimensional Cube to be accessed from PowerView?

    With SQL 2012 SP1 CU4 I needed ENT / BI editions (due to PowerView using DAX queries) .. do I still need this with SQL 2014 or will Standard work (now that DAX is natively supported)

  3. Martin, these are good questions for the forums. You can also click the Library (Help) links to learn more.


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