Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2014 – SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)


Updates to Design Tool installation


SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (SSDT BI), previously known as Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), is used to create Analysis Services models, Reporting Services reports, and Integration Services packages. In this pre-release version of SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Setup no longer installs SSDT BI. The Visual Studio 2012 version of SSDT BI is now available as a web download from the Microsoft Download center.

If you have a prior version of SSDT BI or BIDS installed on your computer, the newer version is installed side-by-side with the previous version. It's common to run newer and older versions of the design tools on a single workstation so that you can modify projects and solutions tied to specific versions of the server.

New Project templates in SSDT

   - Ninja Ed
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  1. Durval Ramos says:

    Great news about Analysis Services and BI. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome, Durval!

  3. Steve says:

    Will this be available at RTM of SQL Server 2014 next week?

  4. Steve, yes.


  5. Saurabh Jhingan says:

    Thanks for the information Ed. Also in the download manager i have checked that the Business tools are only for X86 processor. Any idea where i can get the tools for X64 processor.

  6. Saurabh,

    Sorry, I don't know. You can try asking in the forums.


  7. Steven Allen says:


    BIDS, SQL Server Data Tools, Visual Studio have always only been 32-bit (x86).  You can run those tools on 64-bit processors (x64).  It will be nice when MS ever updates Visual Studio to 64-bit so we can end the 32-bit development of SSIS and deploy to 64-bit server and all the data driver issues that introduces.

  8. Samm says:

    I have developed an SQL database running on sql server 2014.

    How can I generate reports from the database. Someone assist please?

  9. Samm, that's great! Please ask in the SQL Server DB forum. Thanks!

  10. Samm, also, this is a very open-ended question. Please take a look at SQL Server Reporting Services. Thank you!

  11. iqbal says:

    how to add business intelligence features in sql server 2014?? please

  12. iqbal says:

    how to add business intelligence features in SQL server 2014??

  13. Benny says:

    Hi Iqbal, has your question been resolved?

  14. Iqbal, please ask your question in the SSRS and SQL Server forums.

    This information is specific to SSDT in SQL Server 2014.


  15. Naser says:


    Do we need a buy share point licenses for sql server 2014 BI implementation?

  16. Steven says:

    Hi Ed,

    Why "Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2014 – SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)" is not included in the installation components of SQL Server 2014? This is included in SQL Server 2012 and 2008 installers.



  17. Naser and Steve, I'm not sure. Did you try the SQL Server forums or your account manager at Microsoft?

  18. Hossam says:

    This link take me to download Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence for Visual Studio 2012 ???

  19. Hossam, yes the first link is for access to the 2012 tools.

    The second link goes to the full library of release information:…/bb522628(v=sql.120).aspx

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  21. jkjk says:


  22. Heir of Æthelwulf, Scion of Ragnar, Son of Odin says:

    Both SSDT-BI and IS are installed on one of my user’s machines. However, the options shown in the above screen shot do not appear in his instance. Is there a check box some where?

    1. Heir, what version do you have?

      Also, please ask in the SSDT forum:


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