Power BI Q&A – Now you can search on your own data!!!

We are excited to announce that any Power BI customer can now preview Q&A with their own data!  In August we launched Q&A over a set of samples workbooks.  Since then we've evaluated over 500,000 requests with the Q&A natural language engine.


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From your feedback, it’s clear that Q&A can fundamentally change how and when data is used: From meeting rooms to casual conversations, you have been impressed with the promise Q&A brings to making decisions faster with data.  Since that release, the resounding ask has been to explore your own data with Q&A’s natural language capabilities. We've also known that our next update to Q&A would be targeted at enabling usage over custom data. With that in mind, we've been working with a set of customers, both internal and external, on using Q&A against custom data models. The feedback from that group has been positive: They've found success in using Q&A with their data and find it simple and powerful for identifying and visualizing insights in their data. 


Adding your models to Q&A is easy.  First you need to upload your workbook to your Power BI Site by clicking on the add link and selecting “Upload file”:



Find more instructions here: 


Thank you for helping us make Power BI Q&A as awesome as it is (and awesomer still)!!!


   - Ninja Ed

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