Get your candy… with POWER!!! (how Power Map will help you Trick or Treat)

Best Places to Trick or Treat: A Power Map for Excel Tour [View:] This Halloween, the Power Map team decided to visualize the best places in the U.S. to go Trick or Treating. What city do you think will win? Watch to find out and then try the upcoming 3D visualization and storytelling capability for…


Three SSRS Quizzes – Test Your Knowledge!!!

SSRS Parameters, Authentication, and SharePoint Integration — Test Your Knowledge There are three new SSRS quizzes to test your knowledge on integration with SharePoint, authentication, and parameters. The quizzes are at Please take the quizzes to see if you learned anything new!    – User Ed


Power Pivot – DAX Error Messages Survey

Have you ever written a DAX formula and gotten an error message you didn’t understand?    Please take a 3-minute survey here:     For instance: “The end of the input has been reached” or “A function ‘Calculate’ has been used in a true/false expression that is used as a table expression. This is…