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time for another July TechNet Guru winner!

Congratulations to Jaliya Udagedara, our C# Guru winner for July! See the TechNet Guru Contributions for July 2013.


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About Jaliya: A Microsoft Partner, he has a passion for technology and loves Microsoft .NET framework. He uses C# as his proficient and primary programming language, but he still loves to spend some time with C/C++ as well.


Here is the gold-medal-winning article:

Connecting to SSAS Cube using Silverlight


Now let's look at all the winning articles: 

Guru Award  Visual C# Technical Guru - July 2013  

Gold Award Winner


Jaliya Udagedara Connecting to SSAS Cube using Silverlight CW: "Link to "asynchronous operations in wcf" is dead, but he article is nice"
Christian Lukito: "Nice article about Silverlight, WCF and SSAS"
Ed Price: "A fantastic solution that's presented well!"

Silver Award Winner


Jaliya Udagedara Bing Maps for Silverlight - Customized Tooltip for Pushpins Ed Price: "This is cool. A fun solution that uses multiple technologies. Great code formatting and image. As Matthew mentions in the comments, you should also put the snippet in the TechNet Gallery!"
CW: "This is an interesting article. I enjoyed that it was straight and to the point"
Christian Lukito: "Simple, yet show possibility with Bing Maps under Silverlight"

Bronze Award Winner


Jaliya Udagedara Set WCF Service Authentication to Use a Custom Username & Password over HTTP Christian Lukito: "Good article with detailed steps. Helping user that puzzled how to do this correctly."
Ed Price: "A highly needed solution that's formatted well and very clear and easy to read. Great job!"
CW: "I am far from an expert of WCF, and this is the first I have seen an example explaining how to use custom user names for service access. I believe this is likely a useful article. It was also very easy to read and digest. I don't know why we just aren't running the powershell command to self-sign a cert and instead using a third party tool, but to each his own I suppose."


Despite four entrants for this category, Jaliya won all three awards for July! We may limit the number of awards per month in future results as we still figure out the perfect format for these awards. But for now, congratulations go to Jaliya for an outstanding collection of contributions! Love also goes to Karl Mitschke,  &  Mohammad Nizamuddin for their entries. Maybe you'll have a better chance in future months.



And here's an excerpt from the article:




I have exposed a operation contract which is GetData and it returns a “IEnumerable<Dictionary<string, object>>” and accepts a query of type “string”.
Now in my Silverlight application I have added a Service reference to the created WCF service. I have also added a Chart control to the MainPage.xaml. To my GetData operation contract in WCF Service, I need to pass a query. I am passing a MDX query to query the SSAS cube. In here my query will give me the following result and it’s what I wanted in the chart.
Query Result

 In the chart Y axis, I need to show the amount as a currency. So I am adding some styling to the “Y axis” of my chart and to the tooltip (I am writing down the styling code, to make the example complete.).

    <Style x:Name="CustomDataPoint" TargetType="toolkit:ColumnDataPoint">
        <Setter Property="DependentValueStringFormat" Value="{}{0:C}"/>
    <Style x:Name="CustomAxisLabel" TargetType="toolkit:AxisLabel">
        <Setter Property="StringFormat" Value="{}{0:C}"/>





Read the rest here:

Connecting to SSAS Cube using Silverlight



Thanks to Jaliya Udagedara for your great contribution to the TechNet Guru contest! You can read about all the July winners here: TechNet Guru Awards - July 2013


Also, for the August Guru competition, see TechNet Guru Contributions - August 2013.



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