Transact-SQL: Date-Related Queries (featured article)

Today we're featuring an article from mult-gold-medal winner of the T-SQL Guru competition, multi-winner of the MCC award, and TechNet Wiki Community Council member, Naomi N:

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Thank you to Naomi for providing this great resource:

 T-SQL: Date-Related Queries


Here is an excerpt from the article:


Finding Day Number from the Beginning of the Year

I want to start with this simple question that was posted today (May 31, 2013) - how to find today's date day number from the beginning of the year.

This is my solution and a bit of explanation at the end

DECLARE @YearStart DATE = dateadd (
    ,datediff(year, '19000101', @curDate)
SELECT datediff(day, @YearStart, @curDate) + 1 AS [Number of Days from the Year Start]






Thanks again to Naomi!


Check out the full article here:

T-SQL: Date-Related Queries


- User Ed

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