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It's time to congratulate another June TechNet Guru winner!

Nonki Takahashi is our Small Basic TechNet Guru for June! See the TechNet Guru Contributions for June 2013.


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About Nonki: I am an amateur programmer.  I used to program with one of BASIC language on an 8-bit micro computer when I was a college student.  In 2010, I started to program with Microsoft Small Basic.  And I'm interested in making Go program and conveying the fun of programming.


Here is Nonki's winning article:

Small Basic: How to Make a Turtle Maze Game



Here are all the June Small Basic winners:

Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru - June 2013  

Gold Award Winner


Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: How to Make a Turtle Maze Game RZ: "This is very cool. Nice layout, screenshots, and details instructions."
Ed Price: "I love this article! It's fun, and it takes you through the whole process in a fun and clear way, complete with great formatting, images, and code. Great job!"

Silver Award Winner


Jibba Jabba Development Map for Becoming a Good Programmer using Small Basic and MSDN RZ "Very useful information. Content is nicely structured."
Ed Price: "This is an incredibly valuable resource!"

Bronze Award Winner


Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Did You Know? RZ: "Very useful information. Especially concerning known issues."
Ed Price: "Chances are that you didn't know that... which makes this article very valuable!"


I have a soft place in my heart for Small Basic, an investment for Microsoft to give to the community and to make programming so fun, social, and simple that 8 year olds love to learn it. I'm glad to see the new Small Basic category for June and that Jibba Jabba jumped in and gave Nonki a run for it! Thanks to both Nonki (with 6 great submissions) and to Jibba Jabba for their contributions! See all of Nonki's June contributions here.



And here's an excerpt from the article:



I wrote a Turtle Maze Game 1.56 (XHL585-5 ) as a Small Basic program.  In this article, I'd like to introduce how to create this kind of program.

I wrote this program with three phases.  Firstly I wrote a program just creates and shows a maze.  Secondly I wrote an AI (Artificial Intelligence) which solve the maze.  At last, I wrote an UI (user interface) to battle with the AI.





Read the rest here:

 Small Basic: How to Make a Turtle Maze Game


Thanks to Nonki Takahashi for your great contribution to the TechNet Guru contest! You can read about all the June winners here: TechNet Guru Award Winners - June 2013


Also, for the July Guru competition, see TechNet Guru Contributions for July 2013.


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Go to to download Small Basic for free and learn all about it!   


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