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TechNet Wiki Belts are an award system dedicated to TechNet Wiki. Many people will question why TechNet Wiki would even receive value in its own reward system. After all, TechNet Wiki is combined into the Profile Rewards systems... Recognition Points and Achievement Medals. And it is taken into account with some community-influence awards, such as the MVP award. But why should it have its own rewards system? Well, this system focuses squarely on rewarding only one thing... Contributing on TechNet Wiki. We have a few later ranks that can only be achieved by authoring popular content, but most of these awards will reward you for making a lot of TechNet Wiki contributions.


We think it will have better results (on the Wiki) as a reward for three reasons:

First, it's targeted to the Wiki contributors... The rewards and prizes are very specific to what we do on TechNet Wiki, including theming it to our Wiki Ninjas efforts.

Second, it goes much deeper for rewarding TechNet Wiki content than any other rewards system can... With 25 awards (and each with their own rewards), it gives more facets and exposure to the various accomplishments on TechNet Wiki. People are motivated when you reward them. And we have a magnificent variety of rewards in this system (including helping you build your reputation).

Third, it's fun. People like to do things that are fun, and the Wiki Ninja theme is a fun way to rack up your contributions on TechNet Wiki.


See these Wiki articles for more information:

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