How do You Earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals on MSDN and TechNet?

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TechNet Wiki: How to Earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals



Recognition Points

Recognition Points show how successful you are in the MSDN/TechNet community. It tells people how trusted of a source you are. So if someone says something, and they've got 100,000+ Recognition Points, and someone disagrees who has 35 Recognition Points, who are you going to believe? Boom.

You get Recognition Points by being successful... In Forums that comes when your posts are marked as answers and when folks vote for them as Helpful. In Gallery that comes from the amount of downloads your contributions have and when folks rate your code snippet/download. In Blogs that comes with views and when people rate the blog posts highly. And in Wiki they come with views when an article that you either authored or edited gets a certain number of views.


Achievement Medals

Achievement Medals show your accomplishments. Where Recognition Points focus on the QUALITY of what you do, the Achievement Medals focus on the QUANTITY of what you do... so you can try to collect them all. As you'll see, you get quick wins with the Bronze Medals, but the Gold Medals take a little more work.

Example of the TechNet Wiki Achievement Medals:

Wiki Achievement
Achievement Medal Trigger Description
New Wiki Contributor Ícone de realização Bronze 1x Create Article Published your first article as a Wiki
Wiki Contributor II Ícone de realização Silver 10x Create Article
6x500 Page
Published multiple, quality Wiki articles.
Wiki Contributor III Ícone de realização Gold 50x Create Article
20x500 Page
Demonstrated an on-going commitment to high
quality Wiki contributions.
New Wiki Editor Ícone de realização Bronze 1x Edit Article Made your first revision to a Wiki
Wiki Editor II Ícone de realização Silver 25x Edits
10x500 Page Views
Made multiple edits which contributed to continued community engagement.
Wiki Editor III Ícone de realização Gold 100x Edits
20x500 Page Views
Demonstrated an on-going commitment to
providing meaningful revisions to the Wiki.
New Wiki Commentator Ícone de realização Bronze 1x Comment Posted your first comment to a Wiki
Wiki Commentator II Ícone de realização Silver 35x Comments Contributed multiple comments to Wiki
Wiki Commentator III Ícone de realização Gold 100x Comments Demonstrated an on-going commitment to
participation in the Wiki community.
Wiki Community Editor Ícone de realização Silver 10x Revision Comments Revised multiple articles and contributed
comments for your revisions
Wiki Community Editor II Ícone de realização Gold 50x Revision Comments Demonstrated an on-going dedication to the
quality of the Wiki through multiple edits with comments.
Wiki Ninja Ícone de realização Gold 500x Create Article Demonstrated an uncanny commitment to the
success of the Wiki. Thank you!
Wiki Ninja Master Ícone de realização Gold 1000x Create Article Demonstrated a superhuman commitment to the
success of the Wiki. Amazing!
Wiki Ninja Supreme Ícone de realização Gold 2000x Create Article You are the Ninja Supreme of all that is Wiki.
Simply incredible!






























Click here for more information about how to earn specific Achievement Medals (for all the MSDN & TechNet social apps).


You can also find a lot more information about how to earn Achievement Medals and Recogntion Points on TechNet Wiki:

TechNet Wiki: How to Earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals




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  1. ZigZag3143x says:

    Thanks for putting all this info in one place.  I now have a place to point new users.


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    Is certainly well worthwhile.

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  3. Thanks ZigZag and JMH! Glad it could be helpful!

  4. André Lage says:

    Hi Ed,

    Do you have the list of point for galleries

  5. Andre, I didn't format it this well, but the info is here:…/ff395928.aspx

    For Galleries, you get points for amount of downloads and ratings.

  6. Really Helpful!! And as usual, wonderful formatting and segmentation 🙂 I also use this for tracking achievements :…/7340.msdntechnet-profile-achievement-tracker.aspx

  7. I liked reading this post but there is one point where I disagree and couldn't refrain myself from commenting on that.

    Under the section on Recognition Points you have mentioned that people would believe someone with 100,000+ points more than the people who has got around 35+ points. But I believe that sometimes there are people, such as researchers/professionals, who have loads of experience but since they do not interact quite much in the MSDN social platform that's why they may have less points but it doesn't mean that what they comment is not true/unreliable.

    Don't you believe that this is true (for some cases)??

  8. I'm really late on seeing these comments, but…

    Jaya, yes another great resource. Thanks!

    Somdip, yes that is true. Sometimes they are an MVP or Partner and you can see that in their profile as well. And the truth is that if they're the one writing the article, and it's a great article, then they will get those points over time, at least enough for you to notice that they might be an expert.

    It's not a perfect system, but it does help answer the question about who you should trust. And it makes it clear enough where it really isn't an issue. People naturally figure that out.

    Thanks for reading!

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    1. Maruthachalam,

      My pleasure! Thanks for reading.

  15. Great post Ed! we hope to be able to track our Medal (badge) progress. for example, Wiki Commentator II requires 35 comments! but I don’t know How many comments I have done till now? I think this feature will help us to track our badge statistics in more details that will lead to increasing WIKI competitions!

    1. That’s right. It only counts the comments you make at the bottom of a Wiki article. So that isn’t too hard. You can ask questions of the authors, let them know what you edited, and you can help people who won Guru awards by leaving a comment on their page that they won, and then link back to the awards announcement. Then other readers will see that the article won an award too. Lots of opportunities.

  16. Thank you for all this info

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