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Forum Issues Forum

Click here for the Forums Issues forum. The Forum Issues forum is for submitting bugs and discussing current Forum issues. Possible "answers" include solutions, getting the bug logged to the product team, and/or links to other threads that are tracking the bug/issue.

We don’t guarantee fixes (it's just a bonus if we provide one). If you want an issue fixed, see the support solutions below.

To report Spam, click above for the Forums Issues forum and add a post to the thread at the top labeled "Report Spam Here #" (where # is a number).

If you are new user and get the message "Body text cannot contain images or links until we are able to verify your account", click above for the Forums Issues forum and add a post to the thread at the top labeled "Verify Your Account #" (where # is a number) requesting that your account be verified. You can also email "fissues" at Microsoft to request assistance.

The forum is not for ideas or suggestions. See the info below.

Ideas and Suggestions

If you have a suggestion for the forums or general forum feedback, use the Suggestions and Feedback forum. To get a feature submitted to the Forums team, ask for it on the Feature Requests Wiki article.

Live ID / Microsoft Account Issues

The Forum Issues forum doesn't cover Live ID (Microsoft Account) issues. If you have one, try making a request via this form.

Or report the issue to the WL Forum. Support page.


Product Questions

If you have product questions or feedback, find a forum below:

Not sure where to post your question? Ask in the Where Is Forum.

Forum Issue Support

To open a support ticket about a specific forum issue, see Option 1; Option 2. Or email "fissues" at Microsoft.




To see the latest version of this article, find it on TechNet Wiki:

MSDN and TechNet Forum Support



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  1. MSDN and TechNet Forum Support – Link is broken

    Clicking on hyperlink redirects to : blogs.msdn.com/error.htm which results in error " Sorry, there was a problem with your last request!"

    Correct link would be : social.technet.microsoft.com/…/15432.msdn-and-technet-forum-support.aspx

    BTW, nice post as usual 🙂

  2. Great! I updated the links. Thanks, Santosh!

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