Simple Data Binding in XAML

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Simple Data Binding in XAML


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Data binding is a great way to display your data. This step-by-step tutorial will teach you the basics of data binding. If you are already familiar with data binding you can skip this tutorial.

Data binding provides a simple and consistent way for applications to present and interact with data. Elements can be bound to data from a variety of data sources in the form of common language runtime (CLR) objects and XML.

Let’s create the application stub. For this demo I will use Expression Blend, because its support for XAML-based tooling, especially data binding, is great and designer as well as developers can profit from it.


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Simple Data Binding in XAML


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  1. Horizon_Net says:

    Thanks Ed for covering this article. This is one of my favorites!

  2. Guilherme MA says:

    Hi Ed, you write to me talk to you with one email but you dont send me your email.

    Thank you, best Regards.


  3. Guilherme,

    I did if you read it carefully. But regardless I think people already answered the questions we had. I think some people might have been rating your Gallery items too low in order to get at you, but I think the situation is resolved. That's one problem with ratings in all apps that use them… people can rate low just because they don't like the associated person or topic, not because the actual content is bad.


  4. Horizon, and thank you for the great contribution!

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