Get started with Windows Workflow Foundation and ASP.NET

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Getting Started: Windows Workflow Foundation and ASP.NET


It was written by my friend and co-Wiki Ninja, Horizon Net.

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Windows Workflow Foundation is a great technology for creating workflows. It can be used in combination with different technologies, for example SharePoint, WCF, etc. In this article we will combine the Windows Workflow Foundation with ASP.NET.

To keep things easy, we will create a very simple greeting application. The user will type in his name into a TextBox, click a button, and a greeting with his name will appear. Sounds simple? It is!

Start by creating an empty Visual Studio Solution:

Create a blank solution

Read the rest here:

Getting Started: Windows Workflow Foundation and ASP.NET


The article includes code and many images, carefully taking you through every step!


Remember to Wiki while you work. Especially if the Wiki article helps you work.

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