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Today I'm highlighting this article from George Doubinski, a CRM MVP:

CRM 2011 Development Resources


This list is a reference point to projects, documents, tools, add-ins, and instructions for improving CRM and CRM Development.

Looking for more resources?  Because Dynamics CRM 2011 implements the CRM 4.0 web service endpoints, for backwards compatibility, many of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Development Resources may work just fine.

Here are the...

References & Reading Materials

CRM Developer Center
Whether you are just starting with CRM development or you are a seasoned guru, this is the place to start - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer
Center on MSDN.
CRM 2011 SDK - Download
The tool of any CRM developer - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK. Download, install and make sure to read every night. Tons of samples.
CRM 2011 SDK - Online
Read the SDK online - same content but available in any Internet cafe. And, most likely, updated more frequently than downloadable version.
CRM 2011 Developer Training Kit
This training kit is for .NET developers to learn the development features of Dynamics CRM and help them build applications using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online.
Entity Relationship Diagrams
Microsoft Office Visio diagrams that show the logical database structure for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, in its out-of-the-box state.
Sample Code Directory for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
A list of all the sample code is included in the Software Development Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
Jamie Miley's CRM 2011 SDK Example Index
Jamie Miley's List of SDK example links laid out by web service message, along with other helpful articles.
Best Practices for Developing with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Best practices for customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.
CRM 2011 Timeouts and Limits Compilation of all the common timeouts and limits related to CRM 2011 and how to configure them.
Deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and CRM Online Solutions from Development through Test and Production Environments
This white paper explores deploying real-world Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions across test and production environments in reliable and repeatable ways by using automation, together with some automation examples. The paper also highlights the specific constraints that exist when deploying and testing solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online environment.
Thoughts and overview of useful JScript Libraries Compilation of JScript Resources you can use in your projects, live, testing or showcase  environment. You will find several functions and methods to extend your xRM Environment.


You can also find more resource lists on Extensibility, Troubleshooting, Development Helpers, Deployment, Performance, Documentation Generation, ISV, and Free Solutions:

CRM 2011 Development Resources


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CRM Resources List


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