SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit BOM

My good friend and teammate Roger Doherty is at it again, with this fantastic Wiki article:

SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit BOM


Important: Submit your ideas and feedback at http://bit.ly/sql2012kitfeedback!

This wiki provides a comprehensive list of all of the SQL
Server 2012 Developer Training Kit Content
. All content has been tested to work with the following technology releases:

  • SQL Server 2012 RTM
  • Visual Studio 2010 SP1
  • Office 2010 SP1
  • SharePoint 2010 SP1

If you prefer to download all the content at once, use the SQL Server 2012 Developer Training Kit.  Otherwise, you can download just the individual pieces of content you need using the content installer links below.  The content is organized into a sample agenda to help you plan your own [[SQL Server 2012 Update for Developers Training Workshop]].


So click the links above to navigate to that part of the article!

Jump on in! The Wiki is warm!

   - Ninja Ed

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