How to Create Quick and Basic Tables for TechNet Wiki

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Have you ever wanted to create quick and basic tables in TechNet Wiki?

Check out this article here from Trace Young :

Wiki: Create Quick and Basic Tables Using the Wiki HTML Editor

This will create a simple table with a specific table width, specific column widths, a header row and borders around all the cells in the Wiki HTML Editor.

Use the code (in the article above) to get tables like this one:

HeaderRow, Column1, Width is 300 pixels HeaderRow, Column2, Width is 250 pixels
Row2, Column1 Row2, Column2
Row3, Column1 Row3, Column2


I also wrote out a very basic process for pasting a table from Excel:

Wiki: How to Paste a Table from Excel into TechNet Wiki

Here is the current version (click the link above to get the ever-evolving and latest version):

Sometimes you can just paste a table from Excel into the main Design tab of TechNet Wiki and be done.

However, if your table is too wide and has too many columns, then it won't fit in the Wiki article's page width. It's possible to add a scrollbar to your table, but having to scroll the table in order to read it is a poor experience. It's better to fit all the columns on one page (or delete some columns so that they all fit).

If your table doesn't fit, then here's a preferred process...

1. Copy from Excel.

2. Paste into Word.

3. Tweak the table inside of Word until it fits within 6 inches wide.

4. Copy it from Word.

5. Paste into Wiki (main Design tab).


Have a great day! And Wiki while you work! (or before you work)

   - Ninja Ed (Blog, Wiki, Profile)

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