E-Book Gallery for ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Windows Azure, Windows Phone, SQL Server, Windows Server, Office, SharePoint, and more!

Welcome to my TechNet Wiki article spotlight!

We're building an E-Book Gallery here:


We've got 154 revisions and 99 comments so far, and it's been featured on the front page of TechNet Wiki.

You can download existing and new content for ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Office, SQL Server, Windows Azure, Windows Server, SharePoint Server and other Microsoft technologies in e-book formats. Reference, guide, and step-by-step information are all available. All the e-books are free. New books will be posted as they become available.

To learn more about how to install and read e-book content on your device, click here.

Check out the History of who's been doing what...


A lot of Microsoft employees have been collaborating on it. And you'll notice in the comments on the Article tab... how proactive Monica has been about answering your questions:


 Monica Rush

Mon, Jun 18 2012 9:12 AM

Thank you for your comments and suggestions! Thanks especially to ArthurZ for the link to the Mobipocket Ebook Reader and to Alberto Morillo for the the specific suggestion (SQL 2012, esp. DQS). Keep the suggestions coming!


 Monica Rush 

Thu, Jun 28 2012 10:24 PM

Thanks again to everyone for the comments! Yagmoth555 -- Thank you for the links and suggestion. We will take a look.


Thanks to Bryan Franz and Monica! This is a fantastic example of an interactive and collaborative authoring experience! Keep up the great work!

   - Ninja Ed

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