Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2014 – SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)

  Updates to Design Tool installation   SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (SSDT BI), previously known as Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), is used to create Analysis Services models, Reporting Services reports, and Integration Services packages. In this pre-release version of SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Setup no longer installs SSDT BI. The…


Interview with a SQL Server Guru: Shanky 621

My interview is with Shanky_621.     Shanky has 19K Recognition points, over 1K forum answers, and he has 3 TechNet Guru medals (for SQL Server), including 1 gold medal!    SQL Server is also my product I work on, so I love to see community members championing SQL Server!   Let’s get the interview started!…


Power BI Q&A – Now you can search on your own data!!!

We are excited to announce that any Power BI customer can now preview Q&A with their own data!  In August we launched Q&A over a set of samples workbooks.  Since then we’ve evaluated over 500,000 requests with the Q&A natural language engine.   >>> This is a BIG UPDATE! Please help us blog and tweet this update to your…


Power Map helps you raise children!

Well, sort of. =^)   This video is giving me goosebumps:   [View:]   Get more details here:   One Year Old Travels: A Father and Son’s Journey Through the First Year of Life    Fantastic blog post and video from Blair! Very emotional and fun!   Soundtrack:Artist: OdeszaSong: We Were YoungAlbum: Summer’s Gone   Other…


SQL Server BI Gold Medal Winner – Using a View to Mask Multi-Server SSIS Package Configurations

Jason won the SQL BI Guru gold medal for October! Here’s his winning article…   Using a View to Mask Multi-Server SSIS Package Configurations By Jason Brugger December 8, 2013 SSIS Package Configurations allows property values which are particular to a given SQL Server instance to be customized for that instance without modification to the…


Get your candy… with POWER!!! (how Power Map will help you Trick or Treat)

Best Places to Trick or Treat: A Power Map for Excel Tour [View:] This Halloween, the Power Map team decided to visualize the best places in the U.S. to go Trick or Treating. What city do you think will win? Watch to find out and then try the upcoming 3D visualization and storytelling capability for…


Three SSRS Quizzes – Test Your Knowledge!!!

SSRS Parameters, Authentication, and SharePoint Integration — Test Your Knowledge There are three new SSRS quizzes to test your knowledge on integration with SharePoint, authentication, and parameters. The quizzes are at Please take the quizzes to see if you learned anything new!    – User Ed


Power Pivot – DAX Error Messages Survey

Have you ever written a DAX formula and gotten an error message you didn’t understand?    Please take a 3-minute survey here:     For instance: “The end of the input has been reached” or “A function ‘Calculate’ has been used in a true/false expression that is used as a table expression. This is…


IDE Colors in Small Basic

I’m featuring a TechNet Wiki article from Nonki: Small Basic: IDE Colors   That was based on this thread from Danair and Nonki:     These are text colors and the background color used in Small Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment). #7777FF for Keywords #800000 for Operators and “the dot between Object and Properties/Events/Operations” #000000…


SQL Server Database Guru – Shrink SQL Database During Restore

It’s time for another July TechNet Guru winner! Congratulations to Pituach, our SQL Server Database Engine Guru winner for July! See the TechNet Guru Contributions for July 2013.   About Pituach: Ronen Ariely,  Programmer professional, SQL & BI Architect. with more than 12 years of experience in variety of programming languages and technologies, leading and managing development…