Featured Article: BizTalk Server 2010 Host Throttling

Today's featured TechNet Wiki article can be found here. It was originally authored by Tord Nordahl.

BizTalk host throttling and host threshold, is a scary topic. It is vital to know these settings if you are working with BizTalk. Knowing the uses of BizTalk and host settings can simply improve and change how BizTalk acts when it comes to publishing and delivering messages.

How host throttling affects BizTalk

Hosts are generated to perform jobs for BizTalk, processing, delivery and publishing of messages. However BizTalk is delivered with the most common setup when it comes to host throttling. Altering the settings for a host is adopted down to the host instance and can limit or increase the amount of resources available for the dedicated processes, whatever if it is for delivering (delivery outside of BizTalk) files, publishing (publishing to the BizTalk Message Box database(s)) or processing data in an orchestration or pipeline. Some of you might never have to touch these settings because the standard settings fits your company and there is no reason for you to create a "high-throughput" or low-throughput with low latency. However for some the host settings are vital to keep a good control of the BizTalk environment. This article is dedicated to BizTalk 2010.

Resource-based throttling

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