30 Days of Integrated Assistance

Here are 30 days of Integrated Assistance, one day at a time. Why 30 days?

1. The best help is NO HELP!!! 2. IA and... your elevator 3. Solicited Content
4. Sought Content 5. Solicited and Sought Content 6. Confusion is GREAT!!
7. Patterns Determine Decisions 8. All About Help 9. Small Basic Teach & Type
10. What The F1??? 11. Path of Least Resistance  12. 5 Languages of Education

Does Integrated Assistance belong on MSDN? (Comment your answer below; I will eventually write an article about the answer.)

Comments (7)
  1. MR.I.D says:


  2. Prem Nair says:

    Dear Ed,

    Nice article..and i came to a conclusion that

    With out HELP…Confusin, which elevats to patterns of determine decision while going through sought and solicited contents 🙂

    Keep writing

    Prem Nair

  3. Prem, Ha! It sounds confusing when you put it that way. =^)

  4. Mr. ID,



  5. Computers Today (part 1 of 6)



    CS SPOTLIGHT: Girls in computer programming… why it matters!!!


    Computational Thinking – Videos & Papers by Jeannette Wing


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