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User Ed is a blog written by a User Education professional, Ed Price.

On this blog, I will typically write on a topic for 30 days in my "30 Days of..." series (such as "30 Days of Integrated Assistance"). The basic idea is that I will write 3 blog posts a week for 10 weeks on that topic, totaling 30 days. That gives me 4 days a week to write about nothing or whatever else I want to. I can also use those days to write more about a previous "30 Days of..." topic. (Why 30 days?) Most of my topics will have to do with User Education or my technologies I cover. Which leads to the question...

Who am I?

I'm User Ed, an Experience Program Manager on SQL Server and former Technical Writer on the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services team. Before that I was on the Microsoft Hardware team (webcams, mice, and keyboards), and before that I was on Microsoft Surface. I've been working at Microsoft since 2005. Over the years, I have accumulated an Associate of Applied Arts in design and animation, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and a Master in Business Administration, focusing on Technology Management. From my work at Microsoft, I have 5 design patent awards (four patents are pending), an Excellence Award (from Microsoft Surface), and a Gold Star Award (for Business Intelligence Appliance work).

Currently I work on all SQL Server experiences and designs, and previously I worked on the PowerPivot and BI Appliance Help content, I actively promote, encourage, and implement Integrated Assistance into our SQL Server product interfaces, I do a lot of work on TechNet Wiki, I'm active on Twitter (my account and the WikiNinjas account), and I have also contributed to the PowerPivot and Analysis Services blog. On the lighter side of life, I once held a record for Tetris (whilst I was getting paid by Nintendo to play it), I'm a volunteer youth leader at my church, I got to write and edit some of the story and dialogue text in Dragon Warrior 7 (I've been a fan since the first one), I worked in Disneyland for three years, and I follow directions real good:

But that's enough about me! I would love to meet you. Please leave a comment on any blog post on this site. Feel free to disagree, because I'm always up for listening to the wisdom of others. Whether they are more experienced or less experienced, life has taught me that wisdom can come from anywhere, and I should always keep searching for it.

Thanks for stopping by, and please follow me on Twitter!

- User Ed

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  1. Hello again my friend Ed

    I'ma big adimirador of your work, congratulations again for the posts on the Wiki and Videos, very good!! I loved it.

    I am his follower as I am number one fan of your work.

    A big hug my friend.

    Stay with God.


    Luiz Henrique Lima Campos

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