Unified Service Desk 4.0 is released – A modern, unified, adaptable, and reliable offering

Continuing towards our goal towards bringing the best and the brightest of Dynamics 365 experiences to our users, enabling our developer community to build and deploy robust solutions, and providing our users and administrators with modern, unified, adaptable and reliable Unified Service Desk experiences, we have released the latest version – Unified Service Desk 4.0….


Best Practices for Unified Service Desk Deployment and Upgrade

As a Unified Service Desk administrator you are tasked with either fresh deployment of Unified Service Desk or an upgrade of the Unified service Desk client or solution bits, for your organization. For such deployment exercise, it is a necessity that you follow the guidelines to minimize the impact and increase the agent productivity.  …

Introducing Best Practices Analyzer for Unified Service Desk

Empowering our customers to create successful customer service solutions is among our major goals. Often, customizers rely on solutions, workarounds proposed by the Unified Service Desk community and are in doubt if their approach complies with the best standards. So, we decided to make it easier to validate Unified Service Desk solutions against the best…