Unified Service Desk 2.2.1 is released!!!

The latest release of Unified Service Desk client (version is released today. This release is a step in our journey to make Unified Service Desk more accessible, reliable and performant.

This release primarily encompasses accessibility for keyboard users and enhanced keyboard productivity for power users.

We are also introducing a new API called SafeDispatcher with this release. This API will help you build robust hosted controls that are more reliable and easily diagnosable. Most of the existing hosted controls can be updated to take advantage of this new API by making one line of code change.

Documentation for the developers and customizers can be found here.
Documentation for administrators can be found here.

Please share your feedback in this comment section. If you have product ideas, kindly request them through crmideas.


Best Regards,
Sid Gundavarapu
(OBO USD Team)

Comments (2)

  1. Hi Team

    I have raised couple of quick requests in the CRMIdeas.. Can you share your thoughts on it please :), Both of them are actually for developers, not for the end users !!


  2. Good to see this. Thanks, Sid!

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