Announcing TechNet Wiki for Unified Service Desk

We are happy to announce a new TechNet wiki page for Unified Service Desk, where we will be writing about how to troubleshoot issues with Unified Service Desk and more importantly, share any workarounds to problems that developers and users may encounter while developing for Unified Service Desk.

Since this is a wiki page, it is an open forum for community members to contribute new topics and edit existing ones. We will be closely monitoring the changes being done to this page and accept, refine or revert any submissions.

Please take advantage of the suggestions and workarounds suggested and contribute your learnings for other community members to benefit.


Comments (6)

  1. Renjith says:

    Much appreciated. Waiting for such a wiki which was missing.

  2. vaneet says:

    Great but if Microsoft Team update it regularly, i can share the list of issue with this product causing great worry.

    1. Hi Vaneet,
      Please send them to sidhartg AT microsoft DOT com

      Sid Gundavarapu
      Senior Program Manager

      1. vaneet says:

        Hi Sid,

        Please find the list here,

        1.) Navigation buttons to move back & forward are not reliable.
        2.) Some Web pages (especially ended with “.jsp”) initially throws error at USD.
        3.) Some of the Web pages (especially related to BFSI domain) have a Pop up screen which usually not fit to USD Framework.
        4.) Email Attachment – When you click on the email attachment grid to add attachment, it will overwrite the CRM currently opened page, (Although there is a workaround for this by creating Window navigation rule).
        5.) I have CRM pages using internal WPF as a page hosting type but i still faced an issue where the focus move randomly to adjacent application tabs.

        I hope for time being these points are sufficient, I’ll share the rest feedback later to improve this Product.

        Vaneet Kumar

  3. Venkatesan V says:

    Hi Experts,

    How to pass URL dynamically from CRM(Config entity) to USD Navigation.

    Venkatesan V

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