Unified Service Desk 2.2.2 is released!!!

The latest release of Unified Service Desk client (version is released today. This release primarily focuses on empowering IT Operations, developers and administrators troubleshoot issues in production. Unified Service Desk diagnostics logging now collects not just the run-time logs, but several key details about the process including a full memory dump as well. More details of…


Unified Service Desk 2.2.1 is released!!!

The latest release of Unified Service Desk client (version is released today. This release is a step in our journey to make Unified Service Desk more accessible, reliable and performant. This release primarily encompasses accessibility for keyboard users and enhanced keyboard productivity for power users. We are also introducing a new API called SafeDispatcher with…


Create a quick search field in USD


Some customers find it helpful to make search front and center in their Unified Service Desk implementations. Often this is implemented simply as a button on the main toolbar to display the CRM search page but this article illustrates another technique that utilizes a few components in USD and the open source, USD Component library, to display a…


Unified Service Desk Best Practices (Part 3) – Improve Internet Explorer process management

Background With hosted controls running on IE Process hosting mode, under heavy load, Unified Service Desk might get slower and start showing “Max Browser” messages. Launching any other application under this may result in a blank page or an exception. At times, restarting Unified Service Desk may not help and you might have to restart…


Thinking Outside the Shell


Unified Service Desk is a very flexible tool that, along with some creativity, can do some really amazing things. In this blog, I will walk through a proof of concept with the purpose of demonstrating some lesser understood capabilities of the platform. One of the goals is to provide ideas on how to think about USD as…


USD Component Library Open Sourced

Over the last few years, I have built a number of components designed to work with USD. I have consolidated these components into an open source control library. You may use these as examples, use them in your projects or contribute to the open source project.  Here is the link to the open source project. https://github.com/jaymepechan/USDComponentLibrary…


Deprecating some predefined Unified Service Desk themes

We’ll be deprecating the following predefined themes in the next release of Unified Service Desk: Blue theme Style theme For information about these themes, see Predefined Themes available in Unified Service Desk. Deprecating these themes implies that we intend to remove these themes in a future “major” release of Unified Service Desk. Until the themes…


Announcing TechNet Wiki for Unified Service Desk

We are happy to announce a new TechNet wiki page for Unified Service Desk, where we will be writing about how to troubleshoot issues with Unified Service Desk and more importantly, share any workarounds to problems that developers and users may encounter while developing for Unified Service Desk. Since this is a wiki page, it is…


Unified Service Desk Best Practices (Part 2) – Using FireRequestAction

Background on FireRequestAction Creating custom USD hosted controls is an extremely powerful extension mechanisms. In fact, USD itself is built on such hosted controls. I recall a quote of which I paraphrase, “With great power comes great responsibility.” This quote definitely holds true with USD hosted controls as well. USD hosted controls are built on…