Azure Firestarter Fall 2010 Series – Content & Links

Thanks to everyone who attended the Fall 2010 Series of Windows Azure Firestarter events!  From Tampa to Boston, this was the first series of events the US Cloud team traveled to deliver up and down the east coast!  We had a great time helping organize the events and speaking with attendees about Windows Azure.  The series wrapped up in Chevy Chase, MD on December 9, 2010 with a live simulcast for online attendees. 

The content from the event is now available!  (Note: The December 9th recordings will be made available soon. This post will be updated with links once they are available.)


Windows Azure Firestarter – Fall 2010 Series Content



Recordings & Slides

Getting Your Head Into The Cloud Peter Laudati Video Recording
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Presentation Slides
Migrating Your Applications To The Cloud Brian Hitney Video Recording
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Creating (and Adapting) Applications for Windows Azure Jim O’Neil Video Recording 
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Azure @Home Hands-on Lab Brian Hitney & Jim O’Neil

Lab Resources

The Hands-on Lab was not recorded. However, you can visit the Azure @Home site and complete the lab yourself:

Azure @Home Website

Note: The @Home lab uses multiple compute instances. The Azure Introductory offer and MSDN Subscriber offer do not provide enough free compute time to run this lab without incurring charges.  Consider using the 30-day Azure Platform Pass instead to execute this lab free of charge. This pass is available for a limited time only.


There are two screencasts to help demo key aspects of the lab. 

Note: These screencasts were recorded before the new Azure portal went live on November 29, 2010.  Be aware that the steps demonstrated in the screencast are different now in the latest version of the Azure portal.

Azure Firestarter Demos

Here are the links to some of the demos & case studies referenced during the event:

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