New whitepaper on USB Event Tracing

We covered in previous blogs how to get trace events from core USB stack and view them using netmon, and then described how to read and filter these events in netmon to quickly identify a device problem.  This paper builds on this information and tries to provide a comprehensive story on USB event tracing with some additional tips on using Xperf to measure performance and debug more device failures.


Included in this white paper (click here):

  • Introduction to USB Event Tracing

  • Using USB ETW

  • Recording an Event Trace by Using Logman

  • Installing Netmon and the Netmon USB Parser

  • Examining a Trace File using Netmon

  • Troubleshooting an Unknown USB Device by Using ETW and Netmon

  • Using Xperf with USB ETW

  • Analyzing USB Performance Issues by Using Xperf and Netmon

  • Tips for Debugging USB Device Problems

  • USB ETW and Power Management


Comments (1)

  1. david says:

    when I use USB ETW, the data packet in controltransfer (out) is omitted. how to make it display in "hex details" window?

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