Introduction to the Microsoft Windows USB Core Team Blog


Introduction to our team


Hello and welcome to the Microsoft Windows USB core team blog. Microsoft Windows USB core team has the mission to design, develop and test the software stack that drives the USB Host Controllers and USB Hubs present on the Windows PC.  This software stack helps the Client Device driver software in discovering and driving their devices.


Our team has also contributed and continues to contribute in defining Industry standards like the USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 specifications and the Host Controller standards like the EHCI,OHCI,XHCI specifications.


Our team owns the following components that many of our readers might be familiar with:

·         USB miniports – USBEHCI, USBUHCI, USBOHCI. These drivers interface with the corresponding host controllers.

·         USBPORT driver

·         USBHUB driver – Drives the USB Hubs

·         USBCCGP – Common Composite Generic Parent Driver that drives a USB Composite device as a whole

·         USBUI – User Interface for USB

·         USB WDK Samples

·         WinUSB

What to expect in the future


In this blog various members of the USB Core team might blog about the following in future:

  • Common USB hardware issues we have found.

  • Common driver bugs we see in the USB client driver

  • What is new about USB samples in Windows7

  •  What are the common issues involved in programming Isochronous Devices

  • Information on Selective Suspend in the USB Stac

  • Insight into the workings of the HUB and Port driver

  •  USBCCGP - What is this ? What does it do ? 

  • Information on USB Logo tests

  • Information on  USB INF files, Information on USB User interface.

  • Summary of various USB QFEs we have released for the various OSes.


We look forward to your feedback on our posts and any suggestions on what you might want to see from us in future.


Windows USB Core Team



 Disclaimer : This blog does not replace official MSDN documentation from Microsoft regarding USB support in windows. Please continue to read and provide feedback on the official Microsoft resources  for Windows USB driver developers


Comments (4)

  1. ymhuang says:

    It’s glad to see USB team have their own blog.  Wish to see more information announce here.  If can introduce more debug mechanism would be great. 🙂

  2. JHoffman says:

    We use WinUsb as our device driver. We are trying to determine if there are any tracing/logging capabilities in WinUsb. I found a ppt that talks about etw in windows 7 but nothing beyond that. I have a filter installed above winusb that shows packets between my application and winusb, but how about between winusb and the device? Is there ETW support?

  3. ymhuang says:


    As I remember, an article in newsgroup (microsoft.public.device.driver?) explain how to use WinDBG and Microsoft symbol server to watch its scenario.  The keyword is WinUSB.

    It’s not apply in my environment – symbol server doesn’t contain corresponding pdb for WinUSB in my testing.  

    Perhaps it work for you.  You might want to test it.

  4. i’m glad read this blog,i hope i can learn more about windows usb from this blog,thanks microsoft

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