Architectural and Algorithmic design questions – Interviewing for a program manager Part 6

While interviewing for a Program Manager position, you are often asked design questions with respect to architecture and algorithm. The next blog post explains in detail on what type of architectural and algorithmic questions are asked in an interview, how to approach these questions and the expectations of an interviewer for this questions. For more details, read the blog post

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  1. Nitin Kothari says:

    Hi Urmila,

    Thanks for nice information. Can you define difference between Business Analysis – IT and Program Manager role?

    I can define BA – IT role as below.

    •Interact with Business/Customers to understand their problems.

    •Define the problem statement and write/build a business case for improvements.

    •Complete analysis, determine current industry technology trends and offering for the problem, conduct workshops to capture requirements/needs etc.

    •Advocate user requirements in SDLC phases.

    •Work with IT Architects/Development in developing Proof of concepts and solutions.

    •Define development/testing roadmap for team using requirements.

    •Take part in user acceptance testing with Business people prior to product/solution deployment.

    •Implement the product, Publish training material, capture change management, patches and fixes for  future releases.

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