Linked Lists Explanations

Explaining Linked Lists for Program Managers interviews –


Array Data Structures for Program Manager Interview

Simplicity is the best solution and what better than explaining arrays in an interview. Here is my latest blog post on Array Data Structures for Program Manager Interviews –


Moving from Blogger to WordPress: Are you really ready?

It is hard to believe but it is a year now that I have been actively blogging. When I started blogging, I did not want to spend the time in setting up a WordPress site. I took all of 5 minutes to setup Blogger and started with my first blog. I added a couple of…


Interview for a program manager series

Compilation of blog posts on how to interview for a technical program manager: Interviewing to become a Program Manager from a different role: Introduction to what are the skills needed to become a Program Manager – Is project management like parenting? – Interviewing for a program manager Part 2: What is Project Management, what…


Google Analytics – 4 – Audience, Traffic Sources

We all make decisions, don’t you agree with me? A young child decides which toy or food to choose. An older kid might decide their friends or clothes to wear. As young adults we decide our career and partners. As we grow older we decide the house we buy or the money we spend. Our…


Architectural and Algorithmic design questions – Interviewing for a program manager Part 6

While interviewing for a Program Manager position, you are often asked design questions with respect to architecture and algorithm. The next blog post explains in detail on what type of architectural and algorithmic questions are asked in an interview, how to approach these questions and the expectations of an interviewer for this questions. For more…


Social Media Posts

A compilation of my blog posts on Social Media: Social Media marketing including popular social media tools, what can social media do/not do and some important factors of social media – My mom’s cooking ad listening to the customer – The art of engagement –


adCenter Certification Series

There are 9 blog posts written on adCenter Certification.Following is a compilation:   High level information about adCenter Certification blog post is available at   Introduction to adCenter Certification blog post including Conversions, Editorial Guidelines, Landing Page Guidelines/Relevance, Quality and content, Privacy policy and IP Guidelines is available at   Getting Started to…


Abstract Design Questions Approach – Interviewing for a program manager Part 5

In most PM interviews, you are asked design questions. One of the type of design questions is abstract design questions. What is an abstract design question and how do you approach it in an interview. Examples of abstract design questions with solutions in my next blog at