Debuggee Process Terminated Abruptly

I have been getting this error lately when trying to debug a test. I would be stepping over line by line and suddenly the debuggee process will exit suddenly. The proces exits with the error code is -2147023895 (0x800703e9).  There are only a few reasons why a process would exit suddenly. One of them is a stack overflow and this error code is exactly that.

But, I don't have any recursive or other code that could cause a stack overflow. So what could be the problem? Apparently, when you have implicit function evaluation is enabled in VS (Tools -> Options -> Debugging) and the evaluated function/property has a recursion (type?) this could happen. Another reason it could happen is if you have the "DebuggerDisplay" attribute on your type. I do this often because I would like to glance at the instance and get an idea of what it is. Maybe this is the problem? It is in fact the problem.

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