What is new in Expression Blend Beta1?

We listened to your feedback and worked a large number of new features to help you become more productive + improved a lot on our old set of features. Explaining all the new work would probably be too much for a blog post, but I will try to highlight on all that I can recollect….


Microsoft Expression Blend Beta1 is here!

It took a while, but we finally managed to get it done. Previously code-named “Sparkle”, then named “Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer”, we finally settled for “Microsoft Expression Blend”. There is more to it than just the new name – download and try now from http://www.microsoft.com/expression. (It will be a while before the site updates make…


How would the Vista gadgets look like on XP?

The other weekend, I got some spare time to see how I could go in re-creating the sidebar experience that will ship with Window Vista on XP.  I was amazed at how far I could get using Expression Interactive Designer. Here is the current status of my effort:   I only wish I could show some…


Expression Interactive Designer May CTP is available

We just published a new build of Expression Interactive Designer targeting Beta2 of WinFX and Windows Vista. Please download it from here. We look forward to your feedback.


What did I use Interactive Designer most recently for?

This: We recently finished up another product development milestone, and at the end of it had a day-long bug-bash to find bugs in the product. Arturo and I teamed up and came with the simple “application” above done 100% using the Expression tools (and of course, VS for some coding purposes). Arturo came up with…


Resizable panels

Somebody asked me how one could extend the “Panel-like system” such that Panels could be re-sized. Here is my attempt… Source can be downloaded and improved at will from here.


Expression Interactive Designer training videos

We just made available some training videos for Expression Interactive Designer. Be sure to check them out here. Simply click on the Interactive Designer tab at the bottom of the page.


…And another one – a Stocks widget

Here is another attempt at a widget that I put togther in couple of hours last night – this lets you search for Stock quotes. This is fun stuff and easy to do – expect coolers ones from the many talented designers out there once WinFX and Expression Interactive Designer ship! Two things to note: The OS that the application is being run…