A sample that shows the new Blend design surface extensibility

Based on popular demand, here is a quick sample (WPF only though it would be very easy to port this as-is to Silverlight - currently busy with Blend 3 work and all the cool newer features we are adding to Blend 3) that will allow you to get started on the following new extension points we have added to Blend 3:
a) The new way to specifying metadata for your controls
b) DefaultInitializer that allows you to set properties when a control in instantiated from the Blend asset library
c) Custom context menus
d) An adorner for the control

Let me know if you wanted some samples for any specific scenarios you might be interested in.


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  1. JuanC says:

    We have an adorner that we use to trigger an action and were using code like this

               Task optionsTask = new Task();

               optionsTask.InputBindings.Add(new InputBinding(OpenCommand, new ToolGesture(ToolAction.Click)));

               optionsTask.ToolCommandBindings.Add(new ToolCommandBinding(OpenCommand, new ExecutedToolEventHandler(OnOpenCommand)));

               AdornerPanel.SetTask(panelChild, optionsTask);

    Where panelChild is a child of an adorner panel. This used to work in VS2008 but the handler never gets executed in Blend 3

    A sample showing this would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. Hi Juan,

    It looks like you are trying to do parent/placement adapter stuff? If so, that is not something we support in Blend 3. If you could get in touch with me offline at unnir at microsoft dot com, we can talk about options by understanding your scenario in greater detail.


  4. Andrew Smith says:

    The naming convention you used for the sample design assembly is the same that is currently used for the shared design assembly used by VS 2008 and Blend 2.x (i.e. mainassembly.Design). What is the naming convention going to be for the Blend 3 (and if possible the shared & vs2010) design assemblies so that component developers can continue to provide design assemblies to customers that will be using Blend 2.x & VS 2008?

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