Introducing sample data for Developers

Blend 3 brings to the table really sophisticated support for sample data, enabiling better designability of your applications. In my previous post, I demonstrated how designers could leverage this feature to prototype data connected applications inside Blend . However, for really sophisticated applications, richer support might be desirable – for example, you might want to use your…


Blend 3 Databinding

Here is a collection of a few of the blog posts I came across around the new databinding features in Blend 3. Hope you find them useful! Sample data Master/Detail scenarios Element to Element binding TreeView control DataGrid control control Under the covers (Advanced topics explaining the magic behind all this!)


TabletPC and the Blend menus

If you do run into a situation where the Blend flyout menus appear on the left instead of the right as shown below, the Tablet PC Settings panel is a good place to check.  


Connect and Blend 3

While Blend 3 has a number of stellar features that I am sure everyone reading this blog has heard about (buzz words include SketchFlow, behaviors, sample data support, Illustrator and Photoshop import, TFS support, and many more), we really devoted a significant amount of time to address issues that you reported via Connect, that we…


The Blend 3 Asset Library

For Blend 3, we have completely re-designed the Asset Library.  Here are some of the highlights: a) Categorization for various assets makes discoverability easier.b) Searchability allows for quick location of an asset across categories like Controls, Effects and Behaviors.b) Freely dockable anywhere in the UI. We also have left the popup mode unchanged for quick one-time access to…


Marching towards the Blend 3 Beta

The last few weeks (or months) have been really hectic! We finally finished all the features that we wanted to add to Blend 3, and are now actively fixing all the feedback (read bugs and crashes :)) that you have been reporting to us, as well as making performance tweaks to the product to make things work really…


Blend, WPF and resource references

A number of people have sought more clarity around how Blend and resources references work inside WPF projects. Hope the following FAQs would help with some of your questions. a) Should I use Static or Dynamic resource lookup?Blend def. plays better with dynamic resource lookups. You could use a static resource lookup as long as the resource was…


AlternateContentProperty attribute

A new extension point we have added to Blend 3 (based on very popular demand) can be seen put to good use with the Silverlight Chart control – we call it the AlternateContentProperty attribute. Annotating the properties of a control with this attribute allows you to select objects that are set as values (including DepedencyObjects) to…


A sample that shows the new Blend design surface extensibility

Based on popular demand, here is a quick sample (WPF only though it would be very easy to port this as-is to Silverlight – currently busy with Blend 3 work and all the cool newer features we are adding to Blend 3) that will allow you to get started on the following new extension points we…


Writing a design time experience for a Silverlight control

Writing a design time experience for a Silverlight control can be a bit intimidating (the experience for WPF controls remains unchanged from Blend 2 – just that you now have a ton more extensibility points – unless you wanted to re-use the same design-time code for the WPF and Silverlight versions of your controls). Let’s try…