What did I use Interactive Designer most recently for?


We recently finished up another product development milestone, and at the end of it had a day-long bug-bash to find bugs in the product. Arturo and I teamed up and came with the simple "application" above done 100% using the Expression tools (and of course, VS for some coding purposes). Arturo came up with the concept and the visuals in Graphic Designer. I then made the application come to "life" using Interactive Designer.

We have been listening to your feedback, and we have been working hard on fixing the issues. You will be glad to hear that each of the contents of the tab items (the messenger buddy list, the FreeCell game, and some stock information) is its own "scene" (UserControls for those who care) that has been designed independent of each other (they share some resources like brushes) and has been put together in Interactive Designer. Hopefully, the days of massive XAML files are now gone!

I will post the source for this sample as soon as the new build of Expression Interactive Designer (and more importantly, a new version of WinFX run-time components) becomes available. Unfortunately, I don't have any release date information...

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  1. Senkwe says:

    Hi Unni, rather than just the source, maybe a step by step as to how the app came to life from Graphic Designer to Interactive Designer to Visual Studio. I’m finding that figuring out how to achieve something in EID is a bit confusing, forcing me to go back to hand editing all my XAML.

  2. Konstantin says:

    Hooking up to Senkwe

  3. Hi Senkwe, Yes, I do plan on publishing a getting started article that will share some of my experiences. Please stay tuned…

  4. jwest says:

    Use of HwndSources is not recommended for this app. You would be doing every rendering in software.

  5. roHu says:

    i agree with jwest. Too much overhead. Expcted frm a non-MSFT.

  6. rabidrobot says:

    That tab control looks like pretty powerful.  Inserting discrete scenes into tabs has been a goal of mine.  I am looking forward to seeing how you did it, and especially to trying out the new Interactive Designer build.

    Keep these posts coming.  Your samples have been of a great help to me in learning about "all this".

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