A simple widget done using Interactive Designer

I have been busy lately with feature work and working on the impending release of our March CTP that will be compatible with the Feb. CTP of WinFX. However, this weekend, I got a chance to play with Interactive Designer again and came up with a simple widget. Here is the result - you need the Feb CTP of WinFX to run the sample:

The cool part was that given couple lines of framework code (for making the transparency work), you can take Interactive Designer and go wild designing the widget of your choice. This one required no code (other than a couple of trival event handlers here and there) and every line of Xaml was generated in Expression Interactive Designer.

Source can be downloaded and re-used (excluding the content) at will from here.

Comments (4)

  1. santosh says:

    the greatest challenge would be making a software which works on windows XP with the translucent effect which windows Vista..

    anyways… as a student working on EGD…and keen to use EID.. i would like microsoft team to launch few start up tutorials…in pdf or downloadble videos..



  2. There are a few tutorials that ship with the product (no where near where we want them to be, but def. a good starting point). Some of these are also available online via our team blog – http://blogs.msdn.com/expression/articles/516697.aspx

    Hope this helps!

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