Imagine Cup for wannabe Designers

I just got an invitation to participate in the Imagine Cup. This is a Microsoft-sponsored competition that allows folks attending high-school, college or university to - as the name suggests - imagine, design, and implement an idea of their choice around a particular theme. This years' theme is "Imagine a world where technology enables us to live healthier lives". Also, this years' competition will have a new track called "Interface Designer". With so many tools and platforms currently available and emerging that want to improve a user's experience in working with a computer, the timing could not have been better. It is with this track that I will be associated with.

If you or anyone you know is 16 or more years old, attends school/college/university, likes to imagine, is trying to earn a few thousand dollars in prize money and a free trip across the world to see Taj Mahal, and most importantly wants to make friends in different academic communities of the world and learn, this is a great opportunity. I am excited!


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  1. ppavan says:

    Hi Unni,

         I was just checking out the XPR-blog when I ran across yours. You may recall me (Pavan Podila) from the EID discussion forum. Just wanted to tell you that I had participated in Imagine Cup 2005 (Software Design invitational) and my team had won the Southeast regionals. We also got a trip to Microsoft for the US national Finals. I captured my stay at MS in my blog:


    – Pavan Podila –

  2. Hi Pavan,

    Sure I do recognize you well :). If you still a student, interested in using Interactive applications and Microsoft Expression Interactive Designer, and a trip to India, do participate!



  3. Pavan Podila says:

    Hi Unni,

      I wish I could participate but I am graduating this semester and I got my defense lined up…TOMORROW (Feb 7). My Thesis focussed on AOP tool for .NET called DotSpect ( Also later in the week I have a phone interview with the company you are working for 🙂

             I spoke to Michael Hunter sometime back about positions on the EID team and the job desc. he gave me sounded exciting. Hope the phone screen goes well, so I can get to speak to you guys 🙂



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