Hand-Made Windows Azure Resources – http://aka.ms/WAResources

I’m traveling and delivering lots of events nowadays and presenting the resources and contents that I’ve created to help people during their journey to the cloud.

Everybody likes different style during the learning process and I’ve created different types of resources that you can reach and use quickly depending your style.

You can reach to this blog post @ https://aka.ms/WAResources.

Windows Azure Development InfoKit is our first hub resource that is formed as a single pager to all Windows Azure resources and social media groups.

This resource has been frequently updated so you can visit it whenever you need latest resources.

Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/umits/archive/2012/11/06/windows-azure-development-infokit.aspx 

Resource URL: https://aka.ms/WAInfoKit


Windows Azure Learning Poster is an amazing onboarding kit for newcomers and cloud computing veterans. You can follow the onboarding paths or just start from the topic you want.

Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/umits/archive/2013/09/27/windows-azure-learning-poster.aspx

Resource URL: https://aka.ms/WALearningPoster


Windows Azure From Zero to Hero Online Series are recorded weekly webcasts series following Windows Azure Learning Poster (https://aka.ms/WALearningPoster ) for helping your onboarding process. Agenda has been created to help you during onboarding process and decrease the learning time. Recordings are also available.

Blog: https://aka.ms/fromzerotohero

Resource URL: http://sdrv.ms/18kY6OQ

Online Series Agenda

1. Windows Azure Overview: Cloud? 9/24

2. Windows Azure Web Sites: Create your Web Site in the Cloud in 5 min 10/1

3. WAMSA #1: Windows Azure Mobile Services Academy 10/10

4. Getting Started with Windows Azure Virtual Machines: Why & How? 10/22

5. Cloud Storage Basics: Table (NoSQL), Blob, Queues, Tools 10/31

6. Manage your Relational Data in the Cloud: Database-as-a-Service 11/5

7. Cloud Service in Windows Azure? What is this? Why? 11/12

8. Advanced Web Sites, Custom Domains, SSL, Open Source, Scalability, Source Control 11/19

9. WAMSA #2: Windows Azure Mobile Services Academy 11/26

10. Moving your infrastructure to Cloud: VMs, Networks, VPN 12/10

Windows Azure Training Kit is another great resource for Windows Azure onboarding. Windows Azure Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content designed to help you learn how to use Windows Azure:

  • Hands-on labs
  • Presentations
  • Demos
  • and code samples for every aspect

Resource URL: https://aka.ms/watk

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  1. Rahber says:

    Great Content, thanks for all the awesome trainings! 😀

  2. Thanks!

    Good collection of information and resources on Windows Azure. Going to use them during one of our study group lessons.

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