Windows Azure Free Offers


I think best way to learn something is to try it. Cloud computing and Windows Azure doesn’t need to learn lots of things. It’s pretty easy and I think you’ll see this if you start trying it.

When it comes to try it, I think most of the people doesn’t have any clue about Windows Azure Free Offers.


Currently Windows Azure has lots of offering and I’ll give you a quick brief about Windows Azure offers.



Windows Azure Free Trial :

It is available to everyone for 90 days and includes

  • 750 compute hours; enough to run a cloud service or virtual machine with one small or 6 extra small instance for one month, 24 hours a day
  • 10 free web sites; you can develop using .NET, PHP, ASP with MySQL or Windows Azure SQL Server Database; you can install popular CMS or blog systems
  • 10 free mobile services; easily attach your mobile applications (Windows Store, Windows Phone 8, iOS) with cloud backend.
  • 1 SQL Database; up to 1 GB of relational data
  • 100 hours of SQL Reporting analytics
  • 35 GB of NoSQL or BLOB data storage
  • 25 GB of outbound bandwidth & unlimited inbound
  • 20 GB CDN output
  • 128 MB Windows Azure Cache
  • 1500 hours of Service Bus relay hours and 500,000 messages

All these benefits are valid monthly for 3 months. If you go beyond any of these limits in a month then only this service will be suspended. You can still continue using it next month.

With these benefits you can run one cloud service or one virtual machine with storage and bandwidth. Create mobile applications with Windows Azure Mobile Services

Store your relational or NoSQL data or backups in Windows Azure.

You can start using your free trial Windows Azure Free Trial.



BizSpark Member Offers

MSDN Member Offers

MPN Member Offers

WebsiteSpark Member Offers

These offers don’t have 90 days limit and they’re valid for as long as you’ve an active subscription to the related program.

If you have an MSDN subscription or your company has been registered to MPN or BizSpark program you can consume these benefits.

You’ll still get everything required to create cloud solutions including computing hours, database, web sites, mobile services, bandwidth, service bus, caching and more.

Benefits may vary according to the program and membership type so I strongly suggest you to visit offering page suitable for your case.




Windows Azure offers lots of opportunity. You can run cloud service or VM for 90 days for free and I think this is really interesting and beneficial. You can use Windows Azure Mobile Services as a powerful cloud backend without any cost.



Please note that, I’m writing this article on 11th January 2013 and all of the available offers may change in the future.

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